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Client policy in general

Working with corporate customers is one of the main directions of CB «SVA» (JSC) activity. Continuous improvement of relations, individual approach to customer servicing is a ground for the customer policy of the Bank.

The Bank offers to its customers a full range of bank services including servicing of settlement and current accounts of companies, attraction of deposits, loan origination, conversion operations and collection activity.

The Bank offers to its customers any type of telecommunications (Telex, SWIFT, Bank-Customer), which allows account management from any other region, receipt and sending of messages 24 hours a day. The Bank-Customer system has all necessary features for affixing a digital signature and encryption, which fully meets the requirements of automated accounting.

In 2007 the Bank improved efficiency and quality of corporate customer servicing due to development of new financial products and completed centralization of customer -oriented division structure management. An attractive rate policy and offering of high-yielding and most efficient bank products resulted in increasing the number of customers, which actively collaborate with the Bank.

As at the end of year 2007 mainly large companies and organizations had accounts with the Bank.

Nowadays the Bank continues operations with customers, which are within the sphere of its strategic interests: Techsnabexport OJSC, N. L. Dukhov VNIIA FSUE, Rosdorleasing OJSC, RK-Gasetservice LLC and others.

Long-term mutually beneficial cooperation with enterprises of developed economic sectors, and efficient rate and customer policy of the Bank resulted in great improvement of financial indicators of CB «SVA» (JSC), which testifies to customers degree of confidence.

CB «SVA» (JSC) achievements in 2007 prove the rightness of the Bank strategy, which ensures partnership relations with customers and offering them a full range of bank services adapted for particular company activity. Mutual profitability of collaboration, confidence and transparency in partnership relations are the main principles of CB «SVA» (JSC) customer policy, and the Bank is going to follow the same path in the future.

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