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Bank technologies

The potential of Bank further growth greatly depends on the state-of-the-art of its technical basis. CB «SVA» (JSC) specialists pay much attention to solution of those tasks, which are connected with development of information technologies and automation of interbank processes of customer servicing.

Taking into account wishes and peculiarities of Customer activity, using modern information technologies CB «SVA» (JSC) designed and implemented a complex system of large corporation financial flow management for those companies, which have a large number of independent distanced territorial branches.

Within the framework of program for technological base improvement the Bank:

  • has automated complex non-standard operations;
  • has improved operational efficiency and quality of accounting and analytical information;
  • has ensured a stable operation of the Bank with increased extent of business;
  • has optimized the structural department management system.

In addition to the traditional payment systems such as SWIFT, Telex, the Bank has the System of Distance Bank Servicing (SDBS Bank-Customer), which makes it possible to deliver and process different payment and other formalized documents either way. Such information is encoded for exchangeing through telephone channels and via the Internet.

Trying to keep up with the times the Bank constantly improves its information systems and technologies, which are in conformity with modern international standards;

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